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Getting to the heart of the problem

The quicker we diagnose, the quicker we can find a cure


Our difference

X-rays in-house

Many vets send blood work and other lab work to outside services. That often delays diagnostics and the important treatment of your pet.

What sets Major Drive Veterinary Clinic apart is its in-house diagnostic services that get results quick to get and keep your pet healthy.

We perform all x-rays right on the premises so we know what is wrong or not wrong with your pet as soon as possible.



All this and more

Focused ultrasound exam used to, non-invasively without radiation exposure, rapidly detect potentially life-threatening conditions.

Once we have a fast and accurate diagnosis, we can begin treating your pet the right way instead of guessing what is wrong.

Our caring staff is here for more than just treatment. They are also here to care for your pet when you can't with our boarding services.

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